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Backed by years of systems integration experience on both the technical and project sides, we can safely say we know what we’re talking about.

Together with our clients, we have built and launched many solutions for systems integration that have improved efficiency, cut costs and extended the useful life of existing IT investments.

We are happy to take complete responsibility for your integration solution. We grow with our clients in a constantly changing industry. This makes certain demands on the way we approach our work and our clients. To ensure success, we have to maintain a high level of expertise in our primary field, and have a good understanding of what is critical to system users.

With an ongoing commitment to education, certification in important areas and owners who are working directly for clients on site, we have a highly committed organization.

At Integrationsbolaget, we have solid expertise and years of experience with BizTalk, WCF and .NET development. Based on client requirements, we work quickly to identify the right architecture and design. Once we understand your needs, we can quickly select the right architecture/design with a focus on rapid time-to-market.


Integration development


Integration management

Integration architecture

How do you manage an integration project?

Integrations strategy

Health check



Being an integration developer requires a far-ranging background in systems development and high-level expertise on the specific products and technologies used to integrate systems.

  • Data conversion/transformation
  • Production of data contracts
  • Reliable messaging 

    – Queue management, transaction processing, validation and exception handling.

  • Logging and traceability development

    – Process development/orchestration

    – Master data management

    – Performance optimization

    – Installation/configuration


Our consultants are experts with certifications in:

  • Microsoft BizTalk Server
  • WCF
  • AppFabric
  • SQL Server
  • .Net Framework



Integrationsbolaget is a highly specialised consulting company with expertise in system integration on the Microsoft platform, but we also work with other leading integration tools.It’s very common to outsource applications today, and we administer integration platforms for both large Swedish and international companies.

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We often serve as project managers for integration projects.

  • Management and control of IT activities
  • IT strategy
  • Process analysis and design
  • Impact evaluation
  • Assessment





  • Integration architecture
  • Enterprise architecture
  • System architecture
  • Solution design
  • Evaluation/selection of solutions
  • Process analysis and design


We teach you how to run an integration project efficiently.

An important area of expertise on the non-technical side is how to run an integration project. This is often a major challenge, as such projects by their very nature require communication between many parties (who often aren’t in the same place).

The role of the integrator always involves doing some project management and demanding results, since it is almost always central to the project organization. To succeed, you need people with a lot of drive, whether they are working as developers, architects or project managers.



Would you like to benefit from our experience?

We provide counselling (in workshop form, for example) in which we review what you need to think about and do to succeed with your integration project.

  • How are integration projects different from traditional systems development projects?
  • What challenges are specific to integration projects, and how do you deal with them?
  • Working methods and preventive measures that minimize the risk of a project being delayed or running over budget.
  • Customized analysis and action plans for rescuing an integration project that has run into problems.



Integrationsbolaget has a great deal of experience in administration, project management and development of integration platforms. We offer solutions for system integration that increase efficiency, reduce costs and increase the lifespan of your IT investments.

  1. Requirement analysis– survey of requirements and needs and analysis of current situation.

  2. Implementation  – setup of the integration platform and support framework.

  3. Selection of technical solution  – for current and future requirements and needs.

  4. Pilot project – to verify the platform and the support framework.

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Integrationsbolaget offers a comprehensive Health Check for all versions of Microsoft BizTalk server. We have many years’ experience of both small and large BizTalk installations and adapt our analyses and reports to your environment and requirements.

  • Performance testing
    (benchmarking, optimization and configuration)
  • Automated testing

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